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DIY reflector or softbox

I think this material will be great for a DIY reflector, it's an emergency foil blanket. It may be a little too reflective for direct use (without diffusion) but I'll have to just give it a try and post my results.I found a set of two for 99p in my local 99p store. (The UK equivalent of a dollar store) But even online they're very cheap. Only £1.50 shipped.Link

Quick tip: When you're looking for a material for a really low budget DIY project (which, let's face it, most of them are) first check your local 99p store, pound shop, dollar shop, whatever you call it. You can usually find a suitable material in one of the products. For example, today I saw a yoga mattress that would be perfect for making a super-light-weight DIY matte box. (I'll make a video with a full tutorial)

Other things include metal broomsticks for a DIY boom pole or rails of some sort, LED lights (or standard torches) for a DIY video light (I'll try it and post a video if successful) and even simple things like velcro straps for keeping that rig tidy.