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A good DSLR bag - Canon 200DG Deluxe

I've just been looking at camera bags with my friend Stafford.I have to recommend Canon's 200DG Deluxe, this is my current HDSLR and HV30 bag. I've had the bag for about 3 years, originally for stills photography. It's not very comfortable if you're going to be carrying it all day, like I do when I shoot stills, because it only has one strap as opposed to two straps on a backpack. But I found out this is simply a great bag for DSLR video. When I shoot video I don't have my bag on my shoulder all day like when I shoot stills, and this bag gives me easy and direct access to everything I need and has plenty of space for a very decent amount of gear and accessories.

This bag comes at a really nice price of £27.08 ($43.32). Link A very similar alternative is Canon's 2400 at about the same price. Link

Nikon owners can get a pretty much identical bag with Nikon's 'watermark' for £22.83. Link

If you have any recommendations for a good camera bag post them below.