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Cheapo clip-on DIY DSLR viewfinder! ($0-10)

Here's version 2 of my DIY viewfinder. It’s made entirely from things available from the 99p shop / $1 store and took a few hours to make.

Parts list:

  • Tupperware box - Either same size as screen or double the size.
  • Tube - Mine was 72mm in diameter (3" should be good). Get something soft enough to bend a bit.
  • Magnifying glass - Get a good one if you can, test it and make sure it's clear. Smaller ones will be better as they will weigh less.
  • Pack of large kitchen sponges, the bigger the better. Pull/cut off the green scrubbing stuff.
  • Soft fabric, the softer the better.
  • Some elastic string - I got mine from an old rain coat but you can get it on ebay or just use some elastic bands or hair bands.
  • PVC tape, black. Some duct tape will also be useful in making the viewfinder.

Tools I used:

  • Knife
  • Small saw
  • Scissors
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Hot glue - Unlike many glues, hot glue is usually non toxic but check whatever product you buy to make sure. Hot glue guns cost about £4-5 on eBay, LINK. I DO NOT recommend using superglue for any part of this project.