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HTDZ HT-320A 10" shotgun microphone

So here is the HTDZ HT-320A shotgun microphone in use.It's a really great quality microphone that can be found for less than £20 on eBay. This is the shorter brother of the HT-81 (10" compared to 14"), both of which deliver great audio for a tenth the price of a Rode microphone. The HT-320A can be found HERE.

In case you missed it, check out the new cool DIY microphone hot shoe mount.

CABLES: The cable that comes with this microphone is WAY too long for on camera use. I have a 30cm cable which is almost too short. 40cm would be an ideal length for mounting on camera, 50cm will probably be fine too. Here are a few different cable setups you can use: My current setup is a female XLR to male 6.35mm (1/4") jack adapter + 30cm long female 6.35mm jack to male 3.5mm jack cable. With this setup the 30cm cable can also be used as an adapter from the 8m cable which usually comes with this microphone. The ideal cable for on-camera use would be a 30/40cm long female XLR to male jack - I don't know where to get this exact cable but I've found a 50CM one, LINK. If you can't get either of the above you can also use a female XLR to male 3.5mm jack adapter + 30/40/50cm 3.5mm jack extension cable. I recommend using high quality shielded cable as it should be less susceptible to interference and should last longer, cheap cables can break after a couple of months of use.

I use all STEREO cables to ensure that the mono signal from this microphone gets to the correct channel in the camera or recorder, I still need to figure out how to get it to go to both channels but haven't had time yet.