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Low cost 'Windcut' brand microphone windshield review

I got my Windcut fur windscreen a few weeks ago, after a few shoots of use I was very pleased to be able to do a positive review on this. The Windcut went head to head with the Rode WS6 and on close inspection seems to be slightly better than the Rode, even though it's much less than half the price of the Rode.

Quick review:
Wind protection - 9.5/10 It lost half a point just because I don't want to claim this is the world's best windscreen, however, it's definitely the best I've ever used!
Price - 9.5/10 Prices from £10 to £21, with the average shotgun mic at about £16.
Build quality/looks - 8.5/10 Nicely hand made, the fur is not quite as perfect looking at the corners as the Rode is, but this makes no difference in functionality and is really only noticeable if you play with it. On your camera it looks very professional.
Overal rating - 9.25/10

Windcut microphones can be bought direct from the manufacturer's eBay shop via THIS LINK.

This review is best consumed with ear/headphones. It's a little quite because I felt it was best to leave the audio of this review completely untouched.

A big thanks to Jonty Egginton for being my cameraman for the shots where I had to be in front of the camera.