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HTDZ HT 320A shotgun microphone review

HTDZ make two shotgun microphones that are both low cost and great quality. The first one that became popular was the HT-81, which measures 14" long before you add the XLR connector or any adapters etc. This is far too big to be used on-camera on most rigs and setups.

Just a note: For best audio when recording using a shotgun microphone it's best to aim down at an angle from above the subject, however this is usually not possible for 'run and gun' shoots and also requires a boom operator or a boom mic stand - For many shoots you can get good audio from above the camera if you are monitoring the audio and are aware that you may pick up noise from behind your subject.

The HT-320A is HTDZ's shorter offering and delivers the same great quality that it's bigger brother does in a smaller 10" package. I've not compared them side-by-side, so there are potentially minor differences but the specs are the same on both. It is a mono microphone, which means you will need to double up the mono signal to both audio channels, left and right. This is easily done in software but I much prefer to do it in-camera. This way I can monitor the audio with both ears. See my video tutorial on how to do this.

The microphone gives a great signal to noise ratio (a low level of noise/hum/hiss compared to the volume of actual audio) and overall gives a nice warm sound. Here it is in action:

I've used this microphone to review the Windcut brand microphone windshield - Click here to watch the video.

Audio quality - 4.5/5
Great audio quality. Warm and clean. Lacks a built-in gain booster like you can find on the Rode VideoMic Pro, which is so far the only microphone I have used which is better than the HTDZ.

Battery consumption - 5/5
I have left the microphone on for about two weeks and the AA battery was still full.

Included accessories - 2/5
Comes with a long mono cable and a crap 3.5mm adapter.

Price - 5/5
By far the best price of any decent shotgun microphone! I'd give it 100 out of 5 if I could.

Build quality 3/5
Decent build quality but unnecessarily heavy and large in my opinion.

Highly recommended!

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