East Grinstead photographer and filmmaker Nitsan Simantov. Wedding photography and commercial video production in London and West Sussex.

Tips for wedding films

Here are some tips regarding shooting wedding videos in a way that allows you to move around freely, without tripods and without many heavy bags, maybe a backpack at most. This was shot on the lovely NEX-6 camera, and the same tips could apply to mostly any decent camera, but remember that the lighter the weight, the easier your day will be and the more you will be able to get great shots. This is a major factor for me when choosing a camera for a shoot like this. Shooting this way, with each camera operator having his own specific job, was a really great way to work, and unfortunately I don't have footage from the other camera operators to show you, because I was only hired as a camera operator for this wedding. Glidecam's HD series (LINK) is highly recommended, and so far has been my stabilizer of choice, but there are many other options. Generally, I would not advise to go for the cheap stuff unless you've seen some great footage from it. Remember, when watching tests and reviews on youtube, that many people will only post the usable footage they got with stabilizers, when you're shooting something live, you aren't able to stop and re-shoot, so having a great stabilizer is an absolute must. I would say that for live shoots, either use a great stabilizer (with lots of practice), or none at all.

The Laing P-03 is also recommended. (LINK)