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How I got my terminated Youtube channel back

I'M BACK BABY! As you may have read in THIS POST (LINK) my Youtube account was deleted. After 12 long days I now have my channel back.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 23.51.59
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 23.51.59

What I've learned My experience has been extremely important, and now that it's done I am way better off, because I have learned some extremely important things. First of all, never put all your eggs in one basket. I didn't think they were, but when I lost my Youtube channel I realized that was one of my biggest sources of income and promotion. I am now changing the way I work. I will spend an equal amount of time on my eBay shop, Vimeo channel, this blog and my own film/photography work.

The next thing I learned is that you can never follow the rules too closely. Even though I had read youtube's rules, I somehow maybe missed something, so I will be even more careful now. Tomorrow morning I'm hiring someone to help me scan over the entire channel and fix anything that could be an issue. And I'm taking this lesson with my to other parts of my life too, my eBay shop, my Vimeo channel, etc.

Lastly, I have learned to listen more to complaints. I was recently posting too many links on some facebook groups, most people were happy with the posts but a few were not and it's possible one or two of those people caused the account to be deleted in the first place. So from now on I will be much more careful not to to annoy people, even if in my mind the thing I'm doing is perfectly okay.


My parents always taught me to look at my own actions first, so my reaction was not to find someone to blame, but rather, I looked at myself to try to see what my mistake was, so that I could hopefully fix it or at the very least learn from it. So what was my mistake? I don't know, but I will be extremely careful from now on.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 02.30.30
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 02.30.30

(The above image was edited to remove the 'reset password' part of the email)

"So, what was the reason?" This is what you guys have been asking me. I wish I knew. Youtube never gave me a reason. It's possible it was 'deleted' just temporarily while it was in line to be reviewed. But it's also possible that without the community's support I wouldn't have got it back. One thing is for sure, I'm glad I made the effort. The 'offending' video was a about a Konova product. I don't remember which video because it was 4am when I found the Google page that said which video it was, and I forgot. If I ever figure out which video it was I'll update this post, but as far as I know there was nothing wrong with it, like all my review videos, it's just me talking about a product.


What I did

  • First of all, I wrote on facebook asking for advice.
  • Next, a blog post, which you can see HERE (LINK). I kept this post updated as I gathered more information. One thing that is important is to keep your emotions on the more positive side. As an example, if I was to get angry and decide to write an angry post saying negative opinions about Google, it would not give anyone at Google a reason to help me. When I was writing it, my focus was on giving as much detail as possible while also keeping it short and to the point.
  • I then posted the link to the blog post all over facebook. On Facebook groups and also on my friend's walls (mostly just closer friends' walls, asking them to help send it to others).
  • I also emailed people in my industry who I thought might be willing to help spread the word.
  • I tweeted at people. Influential people and people in my industry, bloggers, etc.
  • I even sent out emails to some media, two replied with a 'no thanks', the others didn't get back to me.
  • My dad sent out an email (A list of some thousands), although this only got a very small response because they didn't know me and are not related to this industry.
  • I also kept submitting the form that asks Youtube what the problem was.
  • There are also some numbers you can call, Youtube +1 650 2530000 and Google London
 +44 (0)20-7031-3000. I did not try this, but was actually the next step on my to do list, I heard this did work for someone else.
  • Eventually, we got someone's attention at google and I got the channel back. I hope this helps someone else in the future. Sorry this isn't more detailed, it's 3am so I'll have to come back another time.


THANK YOU! I would like to give an insanely massive thanks to everyone who helped! You guys are freakin superheros! I'm trying to think of a way to thank everyone. Send me ideas please. A super special thanks to Nino Leitner, Sebastian Wöber and Johnnie Behiri from Cinema5D (LINK) and Anthony Thurston from SLR Lounge (LINK).

More Nitsan I will do my best to post daily reviews or tutorials. Subscribe to me at, and on the right side of this blog post. You can also check out my eBay shop, I have around 200 new products on the way, they should all be posted in the next 30 days or so.