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How well does the Sony A7's footage color-grade?

At first glance, the Sony A7's 60p (28Mbit, AVCHD) footage is holding up surprisingly well to really strong grading.

The 24p footage should hold up even better since it has more data per frame. Here are before and after screenshots.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 01.42.54 copy.jpg

Obviously grainy in the lifted shadows due to high ISO but that's to be expected. I'll have to shoot a direct comparison with the 5d and nex-6 so we get an idea of how it compares. So far it seems pretty good to me. Usually I can't get this much data out of shadows when shooting in a compressed format like AVCHD or MPEG4. In my full comparison I will have downloadable files.

And I've completely gotten over the moire on this camera, it's not been showing up anywhere noticeable. Actually glad I got this camera now, but the "you have to format your card now" issue is extremely annoying.