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Crazy-cheap "Pelican" style rolling cases

My tool case with customized elastic straps for my tools. Works really well. I will have a video with a small tutorial about it.

I just found that you can now get amazingly cheap protective roller (and non-roller) cases from eBay. I have had a non-rolling version for a few years, but before now I never saw them available on eBay. Even though mine did come with "pick and pluck" foam, which would make it suitable for more sensitive equipment, I've actually recently been using mine as a tool case, not something for my camera equipment, because I often travel to shoots with just a backpack, or with a backpack plus a large roller case from Samsonite [video link].

It certainly does feel up to the task of protecting camera equipment and at these prices I'm tempted to get a few more and use them for my camera and lighting equipment, especially now that wheeled versions are available.

Sorry about the quality of the images, I'm busy so had to just use some photos I shot for Facebook a while ago.

eBay UK link
eBay USA link

Slightly different tool setup.

Screenshot from an upcoming video about how I customized it.