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Cheap wireless remote for A7s / NEX / Sony cameras - Mini review

Just wanted to quickly share this with you guys. It's a tiny little remote control from Australia. I don't know why none are sold from China (I assume it's made there) but the price is so low that I don't think it matters. I don't know who the company is, which is surprising since I would imagine an Australian company would try to brand themselves well, rather than sell a more generic product like you often see from China. The remote says "Snapshot Tech Aus" but I can find no information about them online.

The remote with the Sony A7s, Voightlander 35mm f1.4 and helicoid adapter.


  • Cheap. Actually cheaper than many Sony camera apps.
  • Both video and stills shutter triggering.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Works in Bulb mode for super long exposures, light-painting, etc. One press of the remote's shutter button opens the shutter, the second press closes it. Tip: Turn off the camera's screen during bulb shooting to save battery.
  • Doesn't have rubber buttons. The smooth design allows you to easily pull it out of your pocket.
  • Stills triggering is surprisingly fast even with AF enabled. It focuses and shoots really quickly.
  • You can enable beeping in the camera with the "audio signals" setting so you know when you have started and stopped recording video.
  • Almost full control of the camera, including playback and menu operations.
  • Usable with many cameras.


  • Doesn't have a lanyard/keyring connection hole. Should be a fairly easy DIY.
  • Many Sony cameras don't have a proper flip screen for self filming or self portraits.
  • Infrared connection requires a good line of sight. It seems to work no matter where the camera is pointing as long as the remote is aimed at the camera.
  • No customizable buttons.
  • Distance usability pretty limited due to IR communication rather than a radio frequency. The specs say 15m. I'll update this post when I have tested that in various environments.