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Mir 35mm f2.0 lens - A cheaper alternative to Samyang for Canon users

Super quick post. Just wanted to let you guys know about a lens not many people know about, the Mir24H / Mir24N (Same lens, the "H" is actually just "N" in Russian) which is available in M42 and Nikon F mounts. It's a lens from the soviet era that looks like it can produce some nice photos. For example, "Turns & Dips" by Howard F [LINK], Untitled by Mark T [LINK]01-7758 by Alexey Fedoseev [LINK] and Tulips by Vladimir Milyaev [LINK].

There's not a huge amount of information online about this lens, but it's said to be very decent. Here's a review by Christopher Chan [LINK] and another one here [LINK].

You can find the lens on ebay for a hell of a lot less than the Samyang 35mm.
eBay UK link
eBay USA link