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Rebranded Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries that cost less?! (Contour "world's best" AA batteries)

When it comes to AA batteries for your flashes and LED lights, none are more highly recommended than Sany's Eneloop series.

When I saw these batteries from Contour had the exact same specs as the Eneloops, and even call them the "world's best" batteries, I had the suspicion that they are simply rebranded Sanyos. When I got them that was pretty much confirmed, they look and feel exactly the same as the original white Eneloops and they even weigh exactly the same, and I see that in the Amazon reviews other have come to the same conclusion. I don't know if anyone has fully confirmed this but it is very common in manufacturing of most types of products.

Why should you care? - Because they are cheaper than the ones marked with the Eneloop brand, and so far seem to perform just as well.

I am now switching away from using Sony NP-f battery packs for my LED lights because they keep breaking (it seems to take just one drop to make them snap in two) so I'm switching to AAs, which are more compact and far more durable.

As a side note, Contour's smart charger is pretty great too and comes in at a great price compared to other quality chargers on the market. It has worked very well for me so far.

Get them on amazon via this link!