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Shooting & selling portraits on the streets?

Studio portrait. Shot with two lights and a white paper background.

Street photo edited to look like the girl is coming out of a dream or painting

The two photos above are not really that relevant to this article, they are just some nice portraits to decorate this article, but below are two photos that are more suitable for the topic.

Important note: You will want to make sure you are following the laws of your country, for example with regards to shooting in the street and operating a business on the street.

Thanks to Zach from the Facebook discussion group for the idea.

  1. Learn to shoot nice portraits. Obviously you're going to want to give people a quality photo.
  2. Make a BIG poster that has some of your work on it, and says something like: "Great portraits - $15 per person - No hidden costs". Obviously you can go with a different price).
  3. Go to a place with people, maybe ask for permission at your local mall, fair, etc.
  4. Take photos of people who want it done. Maybe spend 5-10 minutes per person.
  5. Get their email and send them one, a few, or all of the photos the next day from home.

If you sell 3 in an hour, that's $45. This is just an idea of course, I have not tried this myself so obviously I have no idea how well this could work, it could work well or it could fail miserably, but I thought it was an idea worth sharing. I'd love to hear your opinions on this. And if anyone tried this or something similar, let us know in the comments how it worked for you.

On-location photo in park.

On-location photo at a gym.