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Rocwing/Pixapro/Cheetah/Impact boom review - My favorite light stand, ever.

I'm really glad I got this. It's like a lighting geek's Christmas morning.

This Rocwing brand boom light stand is simply superb, especially for the price. No other unit I have seen or found online gives value like this.

It's a four-meter light stand that has a folding connection in the middle that allows it to easily and quickly be used as a 2 x 2 meter boom stand for lights, microphones, reflectors, making items "float" in the air with fishing line, etc.

It's surprisingly strong and easy to work with. It came with a "sandbag" that holds two big water bottles as a counterweight. It was missing a clip/hook to hold the bag, but it took me under a minute to find a replacement. With those two bottles, I could use my lighting fixture with its 5 CFL bulbs (see video below) and its 50x70cm softbox and it feels super sturdy.

While properly counterbalanced, it easily extends to the middle of my 2.7M white paper background (Again, see video below) which is where I want it.

Here it is extended even further than the counterweight alone would allow, only possible because of its strong lock and wide legs. For some things like microphones, I would only need a very small counterweight to go really far. (Note: This may be unsafe!)

Here's that central connection.

It has a great double spigot connection. Don't let the shiny black color fool you into thinking its plastic, this stand is all-metal, except a few small parts, like the handles/knobs.

This is the beefy connector where the two lower parts of the stand meet.

Here's an image I shot a few days ago with one top light and two back lights.

Me and the stand.

I love it. My favorite new piece of creative gear. Highly recommended. UK guys can get it from Rocwing on eBay, for those of you in the USA, B&H have very similar stands, one of them even looks identical.

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