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"EMS Design and Print" - A3 photo prints - Mini review

Yay! A3 prints to make my place lovely!

I just got my prints from EMS, a company I have been printing with for a few years. Only a few times a year, but I have always been happy with them. Service is professional and fast.

Color is a little greenish but for less than £2 each I'm very happy with them. Far cheaper than anything I found on ebay, which started at £5 each.  Print detail is also very decent for the price, although I'm no expert on printing. The sharp images I gave them have lots of detail in the print and all images look great at 6" away or further. Here for example, if I put my face 6 inches away from the image I can see the detail in her eyebrows, and in areas with sharp focus I can clearly see individual hairs. Even looking up close the prints look just as good as the same image displayed next to it on my 27" 1080p IPS monitor. 

Zoomed into approximately an 8" area on the paper. The print actually has more detail than you can see here. Click for larger.

The paper is nice and thick, 300gsm if I'm not mistaken.

Again, the camera couldn't capture all the detail in the print.

I will email them and let them know about the slight green color cast, which is mostly unnoticeable but those with quality monitors will see the difference when placing the print next to the monitor. If I hear any updates about that I'll post an update below.

I usually email them my images and then collect the prints, because they are close to me, but I asked today and they deliver for cheap too, at roughly the same price as Royal Mail's prices, which is pretty cheap.