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First thoughts on the Edelkrone Pocket Shot

I love the design idea of the Edelkrone Pocket Shot. But I've spent an hour trying to find a setup which is both stable and comfortable and it's not working that well. I had to add a tiny little ball head to raise the camera up for many of the setups so that the viewfinder could reach my eye.

This setup wasn't bad.

Right now it looks like a brilliant idea which was just not very well designed with regards to the way it can sit on your body. In most cases no matter what I do it's a bit too small even though I am not very tall. It can't reach from my belt to my face so I can see through the viewfinder, it can't properly wrap around the top of my shoulder and be able to bring the viewfinder to my eye. And as a shoulder "stock" it was slippery and wobbly but I will try some other variations of that too. 
I feel it has a lot of potential if I can figure out how to use it in a way that works well for me. I certainly love the tiny size and portability of it.

Pocket Shot with Sony A7 and Sony 16-50mm.

Pocket Shot with Sony A7 and Sony 16-50mm.

It seems well made but in some setups it's a bit wobbly side to side because the plastic is a little bendy, I think it would be much worse for a larger camera in some setups.

Knowing myself I'll probably figure out a nice way to use it, or maybe not, my Gorillapod Focus is on the way, maybe that will make a better miniature rig for the A7s. I'll post a full review of both of them with footage once I get more shooting time with them. Both of them are "well priced" (that's a nice way of saying "expensive" :P ) so we'll see if either of them can be worth its price to be used as a travel shoulder rig. Meanwhile, here are some similar rigs I've discussed in the past. All of these videos are from my early Youtube days when I didn't pay much attention to properly setting up the camera for reviews, so apologies in advance for the poor lighting and focus.

The Edelkrone rig I discuss there is the older Pocket Rig design which was quite different to the Pocket Shot I got today.

I plan to use the new Gorillapod similar to this:

I still love this tiny tripod: