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I'm loving this almost-DIY sling camera strap!

I'll post a video with a full explanation about how and why, but for now here's a quick explanation, then I have to get back to work.

The DIY part was sewing a shoe lace there as the sliding part. 20 minutes of work.

This is an amazing "quick sling" (the kind where the camera slides up and down on the strap) strap system.

It's incredibly fast to connect and remove, not too long or too short like many other straps, it doesn't get tangled, doesn't have any parts that scratch the camera like MANY other straps and doesn't make a ton of noise or stick out literally two inches from the bottom of my camera like the Carry Speed connector.

It's a sort of DIY combination. I say it's "almost-DIY" because it's pretty damn expensive. Carry Speed strap, Custom SLR C-loop and a shoe lace. Total, about £75, although it should come out a little cheaper in the USA. If it's a over your budget, you could get the C-Loop and put it together with another similar strap. There are many cheap ones, most of them aren't amazing but can be fine, because the worst part about them is the connector which we would replace with the C-Loop.

But if you can afford it, get yourself a Carry Speed. They no longer exists as far as I can tell, so if you want one, get it on eBay while you still can.

eBay UK link

eBay USA Link