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First thoughts on the Konova J2 150cm Jib (Mini-post)

● It should be good with heavier cameras than can be used on most carbon fiber jibs at the same (£300ish) price range.
● Solid connection for a fluid head plus friction adjustment for both the turn and lift at the base of the jib made for some great slow moves with the fluid head.
● It desperately needs thicker poles with the basic kit for more stability during fast left/right moves. It can use a 150cm slider instead of one of the poles (should be very solid), but then suddenly the price doubles, as do the carrying weight and length. So maybe better suited for when you already plan to take a 120cm/150cm slider.
● None of my gym weights fit on it. I had to cut the plastic cover on one of them to make it fit.

I'll have more time to fully test it soon, I'll post a full review sometime after that.