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Aputure HR672w and HR672c REVIEW (with video) - 95+ CRI LEDs

I recently got a set of Aputure's new "flagship" 672 series lights.
They are the very similar to the previous 528 series lights with the same size and build quality, but with a 95+CRI rating (light/color quality - 100 would be the quality of actual sunlight) and a great remote control system.

The aim for these is not high power but rather high light quality. The W (wide beam 5500k version) still produces a decent amount of light, giving us about 2200 LUX at 1m, but the color changing version (3200k to 5500k) is a bit lacking in power at only 1800 LUX at the same distance, and that's only right in the middle between the two colors where it is brightest. When set to daylight it only manages a little over 1100 LUX, only a tiny bit more than the AL-H198 which is about one fifth of the 672C's price.

They have the same non-standard power/charging cable connection as the older 528 series, which is strong on the light unit but the previous versions had a tendency to break at the connection point on the cable's plug. But if this happens I'm pretty sure Aputure will replace the cable for you. These lights are also battery chargers while they are plugged into the mains, which is pretty awesome and saves a lot of hassle swapping out batteries into chargers, and for a three-light unit like this it's like having six battery chargers at once.

These lights have no fan noise at all, immediately placing them above the YN-600 if you ever plan to record audio and don't want to start hacking the light to remove its fan. They come with a lot of accessories, which is nice but it would be good to see a lower cost bare-bones version for those that just want the light unit itself. Each light came with a quality carry bag, two high capacity NP-f batteries (6600 mAh) a remote control, an umbrella-holder light stand connector, a power cable and the user manual. Some replacement LED bulbs are also included with a little note explaining they are in case of accidental damage.



  • Great light quality and good color consistency between the units. Beats every previous light I have had for color quality, including my awesome Pixapro 100D lights.
  • Fantastic remote control system. I love it. Best remote I've seen on any light.
  • Fairly compact, although not as small as I want it for a travel light, the accessories easily triple the size of the light itself, not ideal but much better than some others.


  • Fragile power plug! (Be gentle with the rest of the light too, it's not very durable.)
  • Fragile batteries! (This goes for almost all similar lights on the market, since they all use the NP-f fit batteries, which tend to break after just one drop, even if not connected to something.)
  • Slower setup time than I want. You can't just throw it or out of the bag, you have to assemble the stand connection, plug in the batteries, unwind the cables, etc. - Compare that to a 198 unit from Aputure, which can have internal batteries (Rechargeable AAs, which I prefer since they are not fragile like the Sony batteries)
  • No barn doors. They don't work as actual barn doors for blocking light on other LEDs that do have them, but they would be useful for making a small softbox by adding some cloth or diffusion gel on top of the barn doors.
  • Price a little high compared to Yongnuo's YN600 which gives double the light for less money - Even Aputure's own  160 and 198 units give about twice as much light for every dollar you spend compared to the 672w, and five times more light per dollar than the 672c.
  • No softboxes available. Umbrealls can be used but I don't like them as much as I like softboxes.


I need lights that will last through some tough use and maybe even a drop or two, I need lights that can give me high power with softboxes or other light modifiers, I need lights that I will be able to very easily travel with, I need lights that will set up very quickly. The 672 light's don't do any of this, so even though these lights are not the worst I've seen, they are not for me.

However, I do love their little brothers, the AL-H160 since they have the same awesome light quality but without the size, high price or bulky accessories. They are so good that I bought a complete set and I am selling all my other lights except my Pixapros. I have an AL-H198 on the way too, which should be just as good.

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Video review:

Here is my review of the older version:

And here's is one of the AL-H160s in action.