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Pixapro LED1024B light panel - First look

A full review will come soon, but for now a quick first look.


  • Decent light quality.
  • Large surface area for a softer light.
  • Decent barn doors which could be used to hold up some diffusion material for a nice "built in" softbox. This could allow the kit to be very compact, since no big softboxes need to be taken. I will make one from some white cloth so that the whole softbox can just fold into the light.
  • Very well built. Feels great in the hand. Super solid. 
  • V-mount battery connection.
  • Very strong power connection with a standard sized power connector.
  • SILENT! No fans, just lots of cooling vents at the back.
  • Very compact power brick on the cable. 


  • Not a super high power output, but this is standard for any color changing light to be weaker than the daylight versions of other lights from the same manufacturer. It puts out about 4500 LUX at 1m, roughly a third of the power compared to the Pixapro 100D. For comparison, the new Aputure HR-672C (also "bi-color") only puts out around 1500 LUX at 1m.
  • The jog-wheel controller on the back not as high quality as the 100D. If you spin it too fast it doesn't do anything.
  • No umbrella holder, but again, most of these kinds of panels don't.

Also worth noting that I can't figure out how to change the color. I'll have to email and ask.

Full review will come soon.


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