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Targus mouse for Mac - A really bad alternative to Apple's mouse

This mouse is so terrible that I can't even be bothered to take a photo of it. You can find photos in this link.

I needed a cheapo mouse for occasional web browsing, and I bought this one hoping it might also be good for editing because it has a four-way scroll like the lovely Apple Mighty Mouse, which are super expensive and almost guaranteed to break very quickly. I've gone through two or three and I'm sick of them. and Apple's Magic Mouse which are also way over my computer accessory budget.


  • Four-way scroll for cheap.
  • Wireless.
  • Plug and play with the included dongle (It's hidden under the battery door).
  • There's a middle click and two additional buttons on the side.
  • Good pointer movement speed. Some mice don't work well for me.


  • It won't work properly on my desk or the leather armrest of my chair. Every other mouse I've used has worked on these.
  • It has two scrolling speeds, WAY too fast or literally not moving at all (even with my scroll speed setting at minimum on the mac).
  • It's way too big so actually reaching the scroll area is not easy if you're resting your wrist on the table.
  • A bit easy to accidentally right click, i think because of the size.
  • No wired version, which I would have preferred to avoid messing around with batteries.

I got it for £5 shipped on eBay so I'm not complaining as it's only a backup to my Wacom tablet, which is actually an awesome alternative to the mac mouse for editing because it can scroll in all directions which is really important for me in editing so I can move along the timeline or move around while zoomed in on an image in Photoshop. Unfortunately while I love the Wacom for editing in FCPX and Photoshop, I really don't like it for web browsing which is why I keep a spare mouse on the desk. If I had paid the full price for this mouse I would have returned it right away.

You can get one from this link if you want, but you shouldn't.