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Laing S3 - Best budget slider so far

Wow. Second best slider I've seen. I've had about 20 different ones.
At £100 this thing is great! Cheaper than the Konova K2, which was my previous budget favorite for several years.

A full video review is coming soon, but for now here's a written review and a quick look at it in the middle of my latest tripod review.

As smooth as the best.
Feels tough and solid.
Absolutely zero play in the carriage.
Nice bag.
Very lightweight. About 1.4kg.

No flywheel (rotating weight) system. Which means controlling the speed is done by you. It's much harder to get a perfect consistent slow speed without a flywheel, but it's doable.

The only one that beats it is the ifootage shark, and the only reason the shark beats it is the flywheel, but that costs about £500 and is much heavier too, surprising because the ifootage is partially carbon fiber, but it has so much metal on it that it's not actually as light as you'd think. About 3.8kg (with flywheel) vs about 1.4kg.

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