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Aputure DEC Lens Regain focal reducer and wireless follow focus released

Aputure have released a new dual-purpose lens adapter for Micro Four Thirds cameras and Canon EF lenses.

It's a wireless follow focus, similar to the one I reviewed recently, that focuses the lens using the lenses' own AF motors, while also being a focal reducer, meaning you get an additional stop of light and wider field of view, jumping up from the normal MFT x2 crop to just a tiny bit smaller than the super35 size of sensor.

This means you should be able to use both full frame and crop sensor photography lenses, as well as super35 cinema lenses. It will still give you a super35 look with both crop sensor and full frame EF lenses.

Here is my video about the older version which does not include a focal reducer. I like how they've changed the shape on the new Regain model to make it easier to fit with various plates other camera accessories.