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DIY slider tips (Zaza/Igus slider)

Some tips on which slider to buy and how to set it up on a bowl mount tripod.

Show notes:

I recommend getting the 10-80 slider, rather than the 16-60. I havn't used the 10-80 enough but I've heard it's not as stable as the larger 16-60 - It does slide much better than the 16-60 though.

UPDATE: It looks like Igus have raised their prices substantially specifically on this product line. I will have to speak to my contact there and find out why.

Rotating product videos - Fun DIY project

Ever wondered how to make a spinning product video?

Items you will need:

  • x1 Bearing (From skateboard)
  • x1 Small washer (m6 should do)
  • x1 Large washer (30mm or whatever you can find)
  • x1 Med washer (To fit inside your large washer)
  • x2 Mounting plates (Or jar lids)
  • x1 Bolt (m6 should do)
  • x1 Lock nut (m6 should do)
  • Some tape (PCV is best)
  • x1 Board (white - I recommend a board bigger than mine. half a meter should do great.)x1 Background (large white paper will work but if you have it just use extra board)


  • If you get some big bit of paper (a strip of wallpaper or wrapping paper for example) you can half wrap it round your platform to make lighting and shooting easier.
  • Plastic or PVC should work great for the board. Acrylic should work but it's harder to cut with hand tools and might scratch over time
  • Choose a board as big as you need or have space for and choose a material you can easily cut. (you can easily cut 5mm thick plastic with a ruler and knife - but acrylic is a little tougher)
  • Cut the board into a circle if you can, it will make shooting much easier.

Send in your spinners and have them featured in the blog.