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Ultra compact video kit - In progress

Now that the A7s is available, a full frame camera that gives far better video quality than my 5D Mark III, I can make my video kit far more compact. I no longer need my huge shoulder rig and vest systems.

Me and the lovely little Gorillapod Focus. I'm starting to wonder if I've ever used a nicer shoulder rig setup than this.

Here's how I'm planning on setting up my ultra-compact video kit, and of course I would only take the parts that are needed for any given shoot, so often it would be even smaller than this list below.

And now don't get me wrong, this kit is not a compromise, it is a beautiful upgrade which allows me to get to more places more easily, set up and move around even more quickly, and all with some lovely image quality.

  • Sony A7s (I'm selling the A7 to upgrade).
  • For a super compact wide angle lens, I can take the Sony 16-50mm, since the A7s works so brilliantly in crop mode, unlike the A7 which creates utter crap in crop mode.
  • A tiny shoulder rig like the Gorillapod Focus. The focus is looking really promising, see my recent posts in the blog for more about it.
  • A small flying stabilizer when needed. The Glidecam HD-1000 is great, and with the reduced weight I can fly it for as long as I want. I may swap to something even smaller if I find one I like more.
  • The tiny and lovely Rode Videomic Pro.
  • Several Yongnuo YN-160s lights (only where lower power lights are suitable for the shoot).
  • Some compact stands like these or similar. I have quite a few options in various heights.
  • For paid shoots, always a backup camera. I will be considering the GH4 or maybe even the little RX100 III which has a digital viewfinder and microphone port. 
  • A tiny tripod, I have used a few nice small options, but there are a few more little ones I would still like to try.

So what will remain larger for now? My Pixapro lighting kit, when needed, and my slider/tripod system, until I find very good lightweight replacements for those that do not compromise the quality of my footage.