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Update about video heads comparison.

UPDATE 1: Before I wrote this, a local store who sell these high-end DSLR-suitable tripod heads told me will get them in stock for me to view but when I called two weeks later they said something like, "Ermm.. Yeah, we can't be bothered.." so I'll have to find another way to test all these.

I bought a Sachtler FSB4 and the review is finished. More heads will be reviewed when I can.

I have a passion for good fluid heads.
I will be comparing these four 75mm bowl heads, all of which are severely lacking in reviews, tests and even simple comments about how they compare.

Sachtler FSB4

  • 0-4kg counterbalance in 5 steps
  • 5-step drag control
  • Built-in flat mount by removing bowl screw
  • £465.

Looks like a clear winner if you use a bear-bones camera setup like i do, but only a real test will tell.

Libec RH25R

  • 1.8-5kg stepless counterbalance
  • 2-step drag control
  • No info about screw
  • £432.

Almost no info online about this guy, but apart from the limited drag control this seems like a decent value option.

Miller Compass 15

  • 2-10kg counterbalance in 4 steps
  • 5 steps drag control
  • No info about screw
  • £1033

A steep price, but Phillip Bloom's recommendation is enough to make me try it.

Vinten Vision Blue

  • 2.1-5kg stepless counterbalance
  • Stepless drag control
  • No info about screw
  • £594

This is a very strong contender, and just lacks the FSB4's ability to shoot with lighter systems.

Stay tuned.