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DIY: Tools

You don't need to buy all of these tools, I just add tools to my kit as I need them. I'm certainly glad I invested in tools, it allows me to do loads of things, even now that I'm no longer working on a DIYer's budget. The amount you should spend will vary from tool to tool, very often a budget tool can be worth buying but I'll discuss this for each tool below.

MUST-BUY tools

It would be unacceptable not to buy these:

  • Safety goggles. Use these for ANY small or large project that you are doing. For fuck's sake just do it! I recommend Bolle brand, which is about £10 each and is really great quality, but if this is over your budget, even a £1 protective goggle is a huge step up over not using anything at all.
  • Ear plugs (if working with loud power tools). These cost a dollar for a pack of 5 on eBay or your local £1/$1 store.
  • Dust mask (If sawing or sanding anything!). These start at about £1 each but you need to make sure you get quality ones that are rated for the kinds of dust you are working in.

 Important super-budget tools

  • Extra large pliers
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Locking pliers
  • Hacksaw
  • Utility knife

Awesome additional tools

  • Power drill (£10 - £45).
  • Leverage-assisted pliers. The SOG Pocket Powerplier is awesome.
  • Rotary tool (£25 - £80)
  • Leverage assisted cutters. The best ones around are the Knipex CoBalt. (£20 - £45)
  • A multimeter (£5 - £25).

Useful additional tools

  • Large bolt cutters.