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Gear: Audio

This chapter is going to be short and sweet. Here are two fantastic audio kit options for a great price.

Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun microphone - £150

The ultimate DSLR microphone. It's compact, fairly low cost, and includes a +20dB setting which amplifies your signal and allows you to set your camera to it's lowest recording volume to get much cleaner audio.

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Zoom H1 audio recorder and HTDZ HT-320A shotgun microphone - £100

This combination gives almost identical audio into the camera as the Rode (The Zoom can amplify the microphone's volume just like the Rode does) although I do slightly prefer the audio from this setup due to it's natural and "warm" sound. It's cheaper and allows for a backup recording on the Rode as well as recording far away from the camera without cables. But it's larger and heavier and requires more setup time and attention, which is why I use the Rode.

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Lightweight audio stand

There are various things you could use. These little tripods are one of my favourites. Alternatively, a good big boom stand.