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Gear: Emergency Items

[WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: I am not a qualified expert on these matters. You should always consult a professional safety expert regarding any matters that could put you in danger. This list is not a solution to every problematic situation, it is just a list of useful things.]

Emergency and outdoors items

Some of these items will likely not be needed in some situations, but I thought it was an important topic to cover.

First of all, be prepared. Learning your environment and what to do in various emergency situations is very important. Read up on your environment and consult a professional when needed.

Emergency water

Water purification drops and a water filter are the two main things in my outdoors kit. Of course you should also be taking lots of clean water with you. I take a big bottle of  to every shoot, outdoors or not.

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Backup power - £5+

Spare batteries, solar charger, crank charger or another form of backup power are some of the basic options to get a longer life from your equipment. Be aware that many of the cheap power items available on eBay may be too crap to provide decent power.

Emergency medical kit and disinfectant - £10

My kit mainly consists of large plasters and liquid disinfectant. There are many ready made kits you can buy which should have some more things too. Most importantly, learn how to use it. Consult an expert if needed.

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Puncho - £1

A disposable plastic jacket, this is useful for some environments. In a pinch, use a black plastic bag with holes cut for the head and arms.

Toilet paper - £1

I'm not going to list the various uses for this, just use your imagination. I always take some in my bag, no matter where I'm going. 

Wet wipes - £1

Very refreshing on a long shoot and also very useful for cleaning your hands. I would recommend natural ones.