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Gear: Important items

Not all of these are important for every person, but take time to consider which of these will be useful for you. Most of them cost very little.

Very important


An absolute must in my opinion. See the “Contracts and clients” chapter.

Model release

This is a paper that allows you to use the image of the person who signs it. There are many ones available online.


Obvious but worth discussing. So how does one choose good batteries? Assuming most of us do not want to pay £40 per battery for the official ones, the best way I know is to simply go on Amazon. The good ones will often have good reviews, and the bad ones will often have bad reviews. Look for something that has been reviewed a lot, not just three times. Be aware that Amazon is stuffed full of bullshit reviews made by sellers! There's fake positive reviews made by the sellers using fake accounts on their own products, and often there are fake negative reviews left on competitor's products, so when looking at reviews, check that person's profile and see if they seem real. Have they left various good and bad reviews on multiple items from various sellers?

memory cards


backup camera

Torch - £5

Very useful.. Sometimes.

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Reusable zip ties or double sided Velcro - £5 for a bunch

Holds your stuff together. :) Highly useful.

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Multitool - From £25 if you want quality

My absolute favorite is the Leatherman Wingman. Be aware that some countries have strict knife laws and in many places carrying this kind of knife may be illegal.

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Rain protection - £10 or DIY

Most importantly for the camera and lens. I always take mine in the bag, because it's also very useful for basic protection from dust, mud, etc. The last thing you want on a shoot is a big chunk of s*** damaging your camera. :)

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Memory card case - £7

Here's my favorite. It holds a lot more than just memory cards while remaining very organized and compact. It has lasted for years and still looks new. 

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Ear protection - £1

These I always have one in my memory card case and another in my camera bag. Very important for some weddings and live events where either the DJ goes over the top, or you have to shoot from near the speakers. These silicone ones are comfortable and easy to clean. It's an important purchase.

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Eye protection - £10

Something most people ignore. It's a small investment for something so important. I keep it in a small lens compartment. It's useful for working in dusty environments or when there is any risk of something flying at your face. A good one can be worn without fogging or getting in the way of seeing things. My personal choice is this one from Bolle, which has many lens options and can even come as goggles instead of glasses. It's very clear, feels very close to wearing nothing at all.

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