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Stability: Improving your performance

Learning and practicing

This is probably the most important part of filmmaking. A great filmmaker can do a good job with a few basic tools, but someone who has not learned what to do will probably have a hard time making anything no matter how much budget and gear he has.

My methods and tips for learning are these:

Spend time looking at other people’s works. Take notes about what you liked and didn’t like. As much as you can, try to learn the methods they used, then do something with that knowledge yourself.

Photography is closely related to filmmaking. You can learn a lot from photography websites. Many of them have some great information that also applies to film. And of course also spending time shooting photos.

Taking good care of yourself

[WARNING AND DISCLAIMER! - I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind. This book is not a medical book and is not intended to diagnose or heal any illness or disease. Everything in this book is just my opinion. Do whatever you do at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions. If you have any health issues, go to a medical doctor.]

I believe this is an important part of any professional's life and work, and many people ignore this completely, or sometimes they just follow a few simple things they heard on TV while still consuming harmful things, often even when they think they are eating something "healthy", they aren't.

The first place that comes to mind to learn about these things is There are many other places online, although if you really spend the time you will find that many of them have incorrect and incomplete information. Note, I am in no way associated with that website, and i can give no guarantee regarding the information there.

I cannot tell you what to do, all I can tell you is what I do. My lifestyle may sound “over the top” to some people, but it is a choice i have been very happy with.


There are SO many reasons why you want to do this. It’s one of the healthiest things you can do. My recommendation is to find something you enjoy doing (personally I like skateboarding) and take a little bit of time from your day or week to do that thing. A stronger and healthier body with more stamina is very much worthwhile having in this industry, and in general life too.



My personal choice is to reduce the amount of unnatural things in my body. I avoid processed foods and products that put unnatural things onto my body or into the air I breath, such as unnatural cleaning products, deodorants, etc.


I prefer a clear mind, drugs often have a lasting effect, even when you are not currently high. My personal choice is to avoid them.


I eat natural foods. Things I cook myself. Vegetables, quality meats, cheeses, etc. Eating healthy isn’t as fun, but the results are worth it in my opinion, and I still really enjoy my food. As I mentioned above, most people do not know about the many harmful things they are eating. There are many tasty alternatives to the crap most of us eat daily, you just have to put the effort in to learn about it, and learn to see when the information you have might be BS.

This brings me to the next chapter.....