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Gear: "Flying" stabilizers

Glidecam HD series - From £350

Flies very well and has calibration screws in the gimbal. The HD-1000 is lightweight but the other models get noticeably heavier. Every flying shot in my showreel was done with this.

It's not perfect, but even after the many stabilizers I've used, this is the one I always come back to.

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Kovacam K05 with or without its vest system - £200 to £450

The K05 “sled” (the stabilizer itself) flies about as well as the Glidecam and is very rugged. Carbon fibre makes it much lower weight than the large Glidecams, which is good.

The X4 vest system is very well-priced and allows for really professional results for a much longer shooting time, but it is also much larger and heavier to carry to the shoot.

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Monocam / Xcam - £200

These two Chinese stabilizers are both very lightweight and fly very well. They are both made in the same factory as the Kovacam as far as I know and are both far less rugged than the other two mentioned above.

The recommended seller for Chinese stabilizers is Orpheus_C, he sells genuine ones and gives very good service.

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All "C"-shaped stabilizers. Hard to fly. Hard to balance. Cheap but useless.

• Stabilizers without fine adjustment knobs on the top plate. Not suitable for professional work.

• S40, S60, S100, etc. Rebranded under many names. The worst quality I have seen, by far.

• Proaim/Proam/DVCity/CineCity/FilmCity/CamTree/etc. Not all their products are bad, and maybe when you order from them you might get a good service, use google for more information on this. Their products are often lower quality and I don't like that the products are often blatant copies of other things. I also don't like seeing things like them offering $200 payments to people who make reviews (in an email that I assume went out to their entire mailing list). Their Flycam/Autopilot/etc stabilizers are not recommended.