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Gear: Cameras

Professional cameras

All of these cameras can produce great results if used properly. Don't get too hung up on what camera to buy. Get a camera and sell it later if it doesn't suit your needs. This goes over all the cameras I would recommend on a professional budget (There are of course many many other cameras out there) and in the next chapter I’ll discuss low budget cameras. This list is also limited to cameras that aren’t too big, because carrying a 5KG camera isn’t gonna be a fun option for most of us, especially not when you need lots of other gear with it.

Panasonic GH4 - £1300

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Canon 5D Mark III - £2000

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My current favourite camera.


Large full frame sensor. No crop.

No moire or aliasing!

The standard 1080p image from the camera is not the sharpest, but still very nice.

Stunning 1080p RAW video using the magic lantern Magic Lantern hack.

Larger than usual 3.2" screen.

Audio in and out.

Superb low light performance.

No overheating issues.

Superb stills camera.

Lots of lens options.

CF and SD card slots, dual recording option in stills, backup option for stills and video.


30 minute recording limit.

Not very lightweight.

No digital viewfinder.

No swivel screen.

Black Magic Cinema Camera

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2.5k video.

13 stops of dynamic range.

RAW or ProRes video recording.

MFT or EF lens mount.


Smaller sensor

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera