East Grinstead photographer and filmmaker Nitsan Simantov. Wedding photography and commercial video production in London and West Sussex.

Filming costs:

In my studio or up to 5 miles from East Grinstead:
1 hour - £200
Half day - £400
Full day - £750

London and South East:
Half day- £950
Full day - £1200

Priced per project.

Priced per project. From £50 for very simple short videos. £200+ for more complicated videos.

Pricing example:
This example is based on the Nutty Bag video above. Half a day shoot (£400) in a rented kitchen in East Grinstead (£50) and a complicated video edit (£250). Total cost: £700.

Unedited videos: A fantastic budget option.

These videos are filmed in complete takes and then go directly to Youtube (or given to you if you want to edit them yourself). This hugely lowers the cost of marketing videos, live events, music videos, and other short web videos.

Pricing example:
Shooting 15 short videos during a half day in my studio, the total cost would be £400, which means it cost you £26 per video.

Using Youtube for promotion

Youtube is one of the most powerful ways to get yourself or your brand out there, especially when used in the correct way. The problem is that getting views on Youtube isn't always easy, so while sometimes having a fancy commercial video is great, it won't necessarily generate a large amount of views. This is why I offer unedited videos. This gives my clients the option to create a lot of videos that will help generate views while staying within budget.

My own videos (some edited, some unedited) reach 100,000+ views a month, totaling over three million views in the past three years. I'm in a very niche area, so even though some of them only have a small amount of views, the total adds up. In topics that are more relevant to the general public, there are Youtube channels that have millions of views per video, for example the best phone cover or how to use eyeliner, etc.